Month: March 2017

Record Memos Almost Anywhere

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Ideas for stories often come at inconvenient times. Writers risk losing precious ideas when they are in the middle of other tasks and don’t have the tools to record them.

Four ideas came to me one right after another on a long road trip. There weren’t any exits ramps. I couldn’t get off the interstate and record them.

In a moment of inspiration, I called my Google Voice number using my car’s hands-free dialing feature. I left myself a long voicemail on my Google Voice number. After the road trip, I reviewed a text to speech transcription and audio recording of the voicemail.

I still take notebooks when I am going to writing events and seminars, but I can relax in knowing that as long as I have cellular or Internet service, I can record ideas that come while preoccupied with other tasks.

Set Up a Google Voice Phone Number