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Welcome to the untidy corner where I toss my random thoughts and crib sheets.

My suggestions for writing military women originate from experience I share with under two million women in this country. While perceptions and social interactions in the military can be related to gender, the work and some of the traits can be gender agnostic. Even though I point out traits and experiences that can be similar for military women, remember that soldiers and veterans are still individuals with a unique personality.

The barebone notes I capture from MinnSpec workshops target attendees of the workshops for use as a memory aid. If based out of the Twin City area, consider attending the workshop events to obtain more detailed information. MinnSpec hosts two workshops a month, one in Minneapolis, and one in East Saint Paul. Sorry that ESP stands for East Saint Paul and not extrasensory powers.

The remaining posts contain random musings unrelated to writing.

Monster Bits and Bobs – ESP Workshop Notes

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The detail of your monster depends on several questions. As with any worldbuilding, there is a balance between building relevant story information, and getting too sucked into your world to write. Judiciously use bits and bobs from these notes. Read the rest of this entry »

Build a World in 1.5 Hours – MSP Workshop Notes

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Led by Abra Staffin-Wiebe

There are a lot of different approaches. The amount of building and the time it occurs at depends on the type of story an author is writing. Read the rest of this entry »